Requesting Funds from the PTO

The BIA PTO is primarily here to help support the teachers, staff and students of Baltimore International Academy East. If you need financial help from the PTO for your project or program, we would be happy to consider it. 

We are all committed to the success of our community, and we use the money we collect from dues and fundraisers for the items laid out either in the fundraiser itself or in the PTO Budget. As part of our mission, we have created a small fund to be used by teachers/staff to supplement the resources they have through the school. 

This year, the PTO has budgeted a total of $1000 for this purpose.  

To apply for some of this fund, please follow the instructions below.

Types of funding requests

$200 or less

Timing of Request: 1 month prior notice
Requests must be made far enough ahead of time to allow for the PTO to meet & approve the grant. This means at least 1 month prior notice. 

Types of items normally funded: 
Special classroom supplies, help covering the cost of food for an event (i.e. Middle School Cookout), 

$500 or less

Timing of Request: 2-3 months prior notice
Requests must be made far enough ahead of time to allow for the PTO to meet & approve the additional fundraiser, generate the links and put out calls to raise the money. We will work together with you to get the word out about the fundraiser and will do what we can to help you get to the goal amount. 

Budget Requests:
Over $500

Timing of Request: Before the budgeting process closes for the next school year  ~6-8 months
Large requests will need to be factored into the yearly PTO budget. These proposals will require presentations to the PTO to gather support for addition to the PTO budget, as well as close coordination with the group to ensure goals are met. 

What types of things can I request a grant for?

Requests may be for projects, activities, books, travel, equipment or anything that enhances the academic lives of children at BIA.  While preference is given to proposals that offer school-wide access to all students, teachers and/or parents are also encouraged to submit proposals that will benefit their individual classrooms, grade level, or activity.   

Priority will be given to requests that:

  • Have a clear purpose.
  • Address a specific need of the BIA East community.
  • Benefit a large number of BIA East students.
  • Benefit a particular subgroup, special population, or address closing the achievement gap in the BIA East community
  • Have no other avenue for funding (district, school, corporate, parent, etc.)
  • Have matching funds from other sources.
  • Have letters of support for the project.
  • Are from a student.

Qualifications and Eligibility

  • Any student, parent, teacher, staff or community member who is a member of the BIA PTO may submit an application.  A student application must be co-sponsored by a BIA employee. Teachers and staff may apply individually or collaboratively.
  • Late applications will not be considered.
  • If the request is identical or very similar to a previously funded project, prior success and ongoing need must be demonstrated.
  • Funding for staff time is not eligible.
  • In order to assess each grant request fairly, the person or persons requesting the grant may be present at the grant committee meeting and/or PTO board meeting at which the grant application is reviewed.
  • Grants may be fully or partially funded, or not funded at all.


  • Items purchased with PTO funds that remain after the grant has been completed will remain at BIA East or returned to the PTO unless the PTO board approves other arrangements.
  • Once a grant is approved, grant recipients must submit receipts for reimbursement to the treasurer of the PTO by the last day of the school year.
  • After the end of the school year, the unused money will roll into the following year’s pool of grant money unless grant recipients submit a special request to the PTO to extend the deadline. Grant money will only be dispersed for expenses outlined on approved grant application.
  • Accounting for the grant in the form of a final progress report, picture or letter are required and will be requested if not received. Failure to submit this may affect future funding eligibility.