Virtual BIA PTO Steering committee meeting 8-14-23

Attendees (10) : Chan’nel Williams, Sarah Jennings, Daniela Rodriguez, Michelle Miles, Caitlin Brauer, Kate Wilkinson, Rob Astle, Aaron Johnson, Cat Chamberlain, Elena Lokounia 

Chan’nel kicked off the meeting and Madame Lokounia gave us an update about the summer

It was a busy summer, The summer institute went well, they had 6 weeks of summer programming and July 27th was the last day with the kids. 

As soon as the camps were done, they hosted the Qatar Foundations Arabic Institute, which gathered teachers of arabic immersion programs from all over the world. 

The parking lot has been completely repaved, and the front steps have been re-tiled and are looking gorgeous, these 2 things have done a lot to help the curb appeal of the school. 

They have hired a number of new teachers and staff, all who have been in since last friday 

This week and next are full of Professional Development and beginning of the school year setup stuff. 

There is a new system being implemented instead of ParentLink, she will provide us training with it when we need it. As people are added or subtracted from the official rolls, they are added or subtracted automatically in the parent link / new system 

August 25th: Back to School and  Popsicles with the Principal

We started talking about back to school stuff, and we discovered that some of the parents had a different idea of what the “Meet your seat/Popsicles with the Principal” event would be. After much discussion, here is where we have netted out for the 25th. 

8-8:30 – All returning students are invited to do a virtual meet and greet with their teachers (Grades 1-8) over zoom. Links will be sent out closer to the event to each student and their parents. This was meant to be the main “meet your seat/teacher” event for most of the school.

9am – 1pm : The teachers have workshops and classes all morning and a lunch provided by the school from 11:30-12:30, so they will not be in their classrooms for any “meet your seat” type thing during the time we had originally thought. The front office door will be open, the uniform closet will be available, and there will be designated areas where students should leave their supplies to be taken to their classrooms later in the day. 

HOW WE CAN HELP:  Mme Lokounia needs someone to figure out and set up some bins or organization system to use to collect the school supplies that are being dropped off. It would be possible for us to come in to the school to set this up on tuesday & wednesday afternoons. Then we need someone to be at the school to help direct people and get stuff in the right places. We can also give out PTO stuff and talk about joining the PTO. 

1-3 → Popsicles with the Principal – Mme Lokounia will be available to talk to families that want to come play on the playground (or inside if its raining) we will have icy pops and general fun times. We will talk to parents about 

4pm-4:30pm –> new students in K or 1st grade in person orientation – this is just for the new families, the kindergarten and first teachers will talk to the parents of their classes and meet them. 

To Do: 

  • Figure out and set up some bins or organization system to use to collect the school supplies that are being dropped off
  • Can we buy a cooler for the PTO? 
  • Buy freeze pops
  • Freeze them
  • Make and print handout/info to join the PTO
  • Class parent info sheet
  • Organize people to volunteer beforehand to help with supplies & stuff, as well as volunteers for the popsicles and welcome wagon for the new kindergarten and first families. 


Teacher welcome Breakfast – Aug 24th

The PTO will provide a breakfast for the teachers and staff on the morning of Aug 24th in the multipurpose room

8-9, teachers get here at 8:30

We need to figure out what we want to talk to the teachers about and what info we want to get from them. Questions include: 

  • What are the ways that the class parent program has worked well, what hasn’t
  • How can the PTO show up for you
  • We want to push on parents on how they can support the group and their classrooms
  • Maybe we should rethink the middle school class parents, they have a lot of events they need to have on 
  • We will check back in with the teachers quarterly during professional development to make sure everything is on track / what new needs there are.  


To Do: 

  • Figure out what the breakfast should be, order it
  • Pick up the food/coffee and bring it to the school by 8AM thursday
  • Create an agenda with questions/etc for teachers, method for collecting responses
  • Write up handouts and info sheets, get them printed
  • Favorite things docs, contact info
  • Figure out how to set up amazon wish lists, make instructions page and help teachers to do it

Committees + Officers
The current list of officers is:

President – Chan’nel Williams 


Secretary – Sarah Jennings

Co-Treasurers- Michelle Miles, Caitlin Brauer


We are starting off with 4 committees and here are the current chairs: 

Fundraising committee – Cochairs Kate Wilkinson, Daniela Rodriguez

Events committee- CoChairs Rob Astle and NEED A CO-CHAIR

Hospitality committee – NEED CHAIR/CO-CHAIRS – 

Communications Committee – Sarah Jennings and NEED A CO-CHAIR

Anyone that is interested in leading or helping to lead one of these committees please contact