PTO Meeting 7/16/23

Attendance: 5 

Physical:   Rob Astle, Carleigh Steele, Sarah Jennings, Caitlin Brauer, Chan’nel Howard

Notes from 7/16 meeting VIDEO OF MEETING

Here is the list of things we need to discuss/figure out. (rough agenda) 

  • Agree as a group on what it means to be a member of the PTO (benefits / expectations / etc) and what dues should be

  • Finalize necessary committees + general idea of what each covers, draft leaders for ones without chairs 

  • Update on the August 6th fundraiser at the festival

  • Discuss scope & designate a point person/people for back to school 

  • get started on the calendar & what we want to do for fall (official calendar from MMe is attached) 

Present – Caitlin Brauer, Carleigh Steele, Rob Astle, Cat Chamberlain, Sarah Jennings, Chan’nel Williams 

What is “being in the PTO” 

What “Parental involvement” mean: 

An involved parent:

  • Goes to their cultural night with their child

  • Communicates with their kids teacher regularly

  • Asks their kid what happened at school today 

  • Models good behavior for their student

  • Volunteers at least 5 hours per school year

The PTO’s role is 

  • to be a liaison between the school and the parents. 

  • Facilitate effective communication

  • Provide cross cultural support (between parents and target language)

  • Create specific ways for parents to volunteer – help create ways for BIA to tap one of it’s most important resources – the parents – to support the school. 

  • Provide a social connection for parents, teachers and administration to help build a strong community

We want to start off with the following committees (taking baby steps to get small wins and build momentum)  We need to determine chairs/co chairs for these  

  • Fundraising  (we have co – chairs identified) 

  • Events ( Rob and _____) 

  • Hospitality ( none identified yet ) 

  • Communications (Sarah + someone else)

Dues – $10 per family


General membership meetings will be held on the same day/time each month. Initial time/date will be: 

The second tuesday of each month, from 6-7

Everyone is invited, but only dues paying members can vote. 

We will always provide a zoom / virtual option, but we will attempt to have one in person meeting per quarter. We will talk to Joyce Anderson about getting childcare for the in person meetings. 

General meetings will consist of reports from different committees, updates and news. 

Committees will meet outside of the monthly meetings to keep things moving. 

Fundraiser Aug 5th @ MD Hispanic Festival

We decided to sell water at the festival, we will have a booth which will be around the outer edge of the music festival grounds, there will be music all day. We are going to use any money we make here to help fund our back to school events, and any leftover materials will go back to the school for future events. 

Carleigh is going to email with the teachers to see if any of them want to volunteer. According to the info we have, we get 20 tickets as part of our booth, and the festival lasts from 10am – 9pm. We decided to staff the booth in 6 shifts, from 10am-7pm,  with a goal of having 18 volunteers/ 3 per shift. 

Shift 1: 9-11 -> Setup and first hour

Shift 2: 10:30-1 -> Sell water and talk about BIA

Shift 3: 12:30-3 -> Sell water and talk about BIA

Shift 4: 2:30-5 -> Sell water and talk about BIA

Shift 5: 4:30- 7-> Sell water and talk about BIA

Shift 6: 6:30 -> Break down booth and load out 

Carleigh is checking with Julia about other specifics/details

We are going to get water from Sam’s Club, which is roughly $6 per 40 pack. We are hoping to sell between 50 and 100 bottles an hour at $1 per bottle. With this we should make between $400 and $800 after paying for water and ice. 

We know we will need the following things:

  • Water

  • Coolers

  • Ice

  • BIA SIgn

  • BIA fliers/handouts

  • table(s)

  • Tent

  • Signs 

  • Cashbox with $1s 

If we want to have a craft for kids to do (making maracas) we will also need to get beans, plastic eggs and spoons. 

Carleigh can buy the water and ice, but we will need to source enough coolers to hold all of the water and ice. We will also need to coordinate getting all of the things there and back. 

Once Carleigh checks in with people and gives Sarah the OK, we will send out an email/text blast to the parents to get volunteers. Volunteers get free tickets to the festival, and we want to try and have at least  one spanish speaking volunteer per shift. 

If we don’t have enough volunteers signed up by the 28th of July, we are going to call it off. 

Back to School 23/24 

We want to host 2 different back to school events, and participate in several others that are being organized by the school. 

Teacher Welcome brunch/lunch – 

During the weeks that teachers are setting up classrooms and preparing for the year, we want to provide a brunch or lunch for them. During that brunch meeting, we will talk to the teachers about what support we can provide for them, what they need, and whatever else we want to communicate with them. help get everyone a amazon wish list set up

Dates: Sarah is going to check in on dates for that, according to the calendar Mme Lokounia provided, the teachers have some training on the 15th and 16th of August, and are expected to be at the school setting up the week of the 21st-25th. Ideally we could get in during one of the training days (15/16th) so that if we surface anything that could help them during setup week, we can have a chance to source people/stuff. 


  • Food / drinks for the event 

  • Agenda / goals / questions for teachers

  • Handouts with contact info / etc. 

Meet your Seat / Popsicles with the Principal / Supply drop off 

We want to host a welcome to new families / returning students by hosting a popsicle event 

We will have info about joining the PTO, have the playground open, and we will have popsicles. Hopefully by publicizing this so early, we can have much more participation and make it a great community building event for the school. 

Date: Friday Aug 25th Time window TBD

Sarah/Chan’nel will coordinate with Mme Lokounia about a time and figuring out what will be available during that time. The goal would be to have: 

  • Open uniform closet / someone to help

  • School supplies dropoff

  • Meet teachers / see classroom

  • Talk about dropoff / pickups from school

  • Join the PTO, get info, sign up to volunteer 

  • Last year, I know the school had backpacks and other supplies available. 

  • Maybe we do a school supply drive in addition, so when you drop off stuff for your kid, you can drop off extras in a box/somewhere and it will go to the extra stuff for teachers? We could also get supply lists / love to haves from the resource teachers to help them stock up on art/music/gym/computer supplies, or stuff for the ela teachers 


  • Popsicles 

  • Music / speaker 

  • Coolers

  • Table

  • Chairs

  • Handouts / information about PTO 

  • Signs / maps / calendars / links to info

  • Photo frame? (welcome back / first day of school thing)? 

Back to School Nights ( Sept 6 & 7 )

Staff a table at both events to get people interested in joining the PTO. (popsicles?) 


Ideally we will meet one more time before school starts and we can figure out what we want the fall festival event to be and start organizing it.