PTO Meeting 3/29/23


Link to the Parent PTO Survey

We had a very successful kickoff meeting yesterday! Here is a recap in case you weren’t able to attend. We hope to see you at the next meeting – in person on April 19th at 6pm at the school!

After a bit of technical challenge fun, Chan’nel welcomed everyone and introduced the current steering committee. We reviewed the proposed goals for the remainder of the spring semester as well as a general list of goals for next school year. None of this is set in stone, it was an attempt to create a place to start. We welcome any and all ideas and feedback and we are excited to work together.  

Nakia Magazine, the woman in charge of grant writing for BIA, was not able to get into the meeting, so Sarah Jennings did a recap of their conversation from March 22. There are multiple ways for us to get funding through grants and other programs, but overall we need to agree on what our priorities are as a group and then come to her to figure out the best way to fund those priorities. We will invite her to future meetings so we will have a great partner with lots of professional fundraising experience to help us reach our goals. 

Chan’nel introduced the surveys – 
Link to the Parent Survey
Please fill this out, we are rebuilding/revitalizing the PTO without much legacy input so any information you can give us about how you want to help will be appreciated and come in handy as we finish out this school year. We are also sending a survey out to the teachers to determine what immediate needs exist, identify existing class parents, and what they would most like to achieve with the help of the PTO. We will share the results of this survey with you once they are collected to help inform our short term goals.  

We talked through the different committees we would like to set up to spread the workload, as well as the information about the steering committee. If you are interested in any of these, please let us know in the parent survey and we will contact you soon!  

We are working on getting access to the calendar of school events for the rest of the school year as well as the email address, the bank account and the website so we can make updates and keep everyone informed. 

We talked about Language Camp this summer. Joyce Anderson who runs aftercare said that camp could be 6 weeks instead of 4, but the school said they couldn’t accommodate it. Mme Lokounia explained that they have a variety of other programs over the summer that use the space – including the reading camp for rising 2nd graders and other school programs that had already been planned. We are working to get the forms to use to sign up for camp, and will make sure they get distributed as soon as we have them. 

The remaining meetings for spring will be April 19th, May 10th, and June 1st at 6pm. We are hoping to have these meetings in person so breakout groups can meet. We will also have the zoom on in case people can’t be there – the meeting link for each meeting is the same:  we used a URL shortener to make this link so it would be easier to type in: but both links should go to the same zoom room. 

During the meeting, we captured these resources, asks and concerns from the chat: 
– Many people offered their individual skills- in grantwriting, IT, connections, and much more. We have a talented group!!! THANK YOU!!! We will be in touch soon with specific asks.

– Concerns and resources were raised about student safety, several parents had ideas for mindfulness practices and emotional support for students. We will be reaching out to you soon!

– J. Watson has connections with the Frankford Community Association, we should talk with them and see what we can do to build a stronger bridge between the school and the surrounding neighborhood. (We should also  contact the PTO of the Gardenville Elementary on the other side of Belair on Frankford, as well as maybe Cathedral Academy and Hazelwood Elementary)

— The spring concert is on May 11, it will have 2 parts, an early part with the k-2nd grade, then an intermission, then the 3rd-8th grades

We had a great showing tonight at the meeting and look forward to meeting you all in real life soon! Total we had over 45 zoom windows – which means at least 50 people were in attendance and that is amazing! 

We will follow up with the calendar for the rest of the year as soon as we have access to it, and will be reaching out over the next 2 weeks to those of you who have expressed interest in committees or other PTO activities. The pto steering committee is small but mighty, and we are excited to bring in anyone who is interested! 

Talk to many of you soon and we will see everyone on April 19th at 6pm!
– The PTO steering committee