PTO Meeting 10/10/23

Over Zoom

Attendance: 46

We started the meeting with reminders to  sign in using the google form here:

and to officially join by paying dues at this link:

Trunk or Treat – The first trunk or treat went really well! We had great attendance and a lot of fun. thank you to everyone who volunteered, and a special thanks to MVP Tabbitha Taylor for being a huge rock star and organizing the trunking and treating and a bunch of other stuff.

Thanks to everyone who helped paint the world map in the parking lot, it’s already being used as a resource by the teachers and it helps remind our school community every day that the world is a big amazing place. 

Hispanic Heritage night and French Language celebrations both went very well. For each of them, we conducted a fundraiser to help cover the cost of the food that gets served, so thank you to everyone who donated to help feed our community. A special thank you goes to Daniela Rodriguez, Jodie Zisow-McLean and Rob Astle for helping organize! 

Then we had an update from Mme Lokounia about things that are going on at the school. 

  • She introduced our new Assistant Principal Dr. Gregory Williams, he speaks French and is very excited to be joining our community. If you see him around, say Bonjour! 

Sarah has taken the school calendar and transferred it to a google calendar that parents and people can subscribe to. There are 3 separate calendars you can subscribe to – one with school-wide activities, one for testing and other administrative dates, and one for staff specific events. Please go to the website here to subscribe to the calendars of your choice!


We did not break into our committees this time because we were running long. If you are interested in joining one of our committees we would love to have you. Feel free to email us at or sign up on the volunteer page

Thank you! See you on December 12th!